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Annie Lebling

BY Annie Leblanc



We developed and launched the jewelry collection Annie LeBling with Annie LeBlanc and our partner Almar Sales.  We also brand manage and oversee marketing of the Annie LeBling brand.

The collection debuted August, 2018 online at and can be found on Instagram at @annielebling.  The collection launched with semi-precious stone bracelets in assorted colorways with a simple drawstring closure for comfortable, adjustable wear. Each bracelet is adorned with a metal accent bead featuring either a sweet rose or an electric lightning bolt icon that both boys and girls will love. The Annie LeBling bracelets are made with therapeutic earth stones that hold special meanings and healing powers such as endurance (lava), peace (amazonite), love (rose quartz), strength (tiger's eye), awareness (howlite) and harmony (blue aventurine). The product line offers classic yet playful accessories that tweens can collect and trade with friends as they celebrate their uniqueness and develop their personal styles. In Jan, 2019 we launched rings and necklaces.

We produced with partner Pop Your Shop a launch event themed as a back-to-school dance party in Los Angeles. The first hour of the event was a VIP dance party with over 30 top influencers guests and then turned into a Pop Up Store! The event was featured on the Bratayley YouTube Channel reaching over 6 million people.   We also produced with partner Pop Your Shop an Annie LeBling Concert to kick of the rings! Annie among other artists performed and fans enjoyed a fun concert, meet and greet and a Pop Up Store!


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