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with jennifer aniston



Kristi Kaylor, President of The Loft Entertainment created Voxxy, an interactive website exclusively for teen girls.  She partnered with two women including Jennifer Aniston and assisted in raising a series A of 2 million dollars.   She then oversaw the build of, a 750 page website were teen girls were able to participate in interactive programming, build a community, access resources and shop for products.   She also oversaw all operations, production, marketing, distribution, corporate affairs and celebrity deals

The company had an advisory board of influential leaders, tastemakers and executives in the entertainment and technology industry as well as a teen girl advisory board made up of hundreds of girls ages 13-18.

Voxxy won a Bandi Award (Broadband Award) for “The Newest New Thing” and received tremendous attention in the press, hitting the pages of almost every consumer and teen publication.  Kristi spoke on several new media panels and news programs including MSNBC and CNN.


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