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Mblem debuted in 2006 with a timeless knitwear collection, then taking a more sophisticated and chic turn to dresses, tunics, and classy tops in 2007. The company was founded and run by Kristi Kaylor, (President of The Loft Entertainment) and Mandy Moore. The product was sold in the better contemporary market segment in top stores as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Macy’s and over 500 of the best specialty stores. 

Kristi Kaylor (President of The Loft Entertainment) oversaw all operations, employees, design, marketing, sales, international distributors, production, distribution, e-commerce for Mblem.   Oversaw all operations, employees, design, marketing, salesteam/showrooms, production, distribution, e-commerce for the company.The Loft Entertainment also oversaw all  PR and marketing resulting in Mblem being on the cover of Lucky Magazine, featured in hundreds of other consumer magazines, television (E!, The Tonight Show, etc), radio, online blogs, newspapers and trade publications.  Also producing successful in-store events with Mandy appearing at Fred Segal and Nordstrom and produced Mblem branded musical performance by Mandy Moore at the Magic/Project Trade Show in Las Vegas as well as several other red carpet events in Los Angeles.

The company inked a deal with Jones Apparel Group to take the brand to mass market.


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